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In “Top Basketball Coaching Tips”, you’ll receive 100’s of basketball tips that can personalize and Skyrocket your basketball coaching and playing abilities!!

Taken from
“Basketball On A Triangle:
A Higher Level of Coaching and Playing”

From the producer of and the author/producer of the book and DVD, “Basketball On A Triangle: A Higher Level of Coaching and Playing”, comes a sensational basketball coaching E-Book that can be your personal guide to basketball coaching success.

These tips and basketball drills for how to play basketball and how to coach basketball will help you cut through the mystery of “how to teach” and “what to do” to make sure every player is able to perform at the peak of his or her ability.

“Top Basketball Coaching Tips” is jam-packed with the kind of information you need to elevate your coaching or playing game.

Over 60 pages of information taken directly from Coach Ronn’s book and DVD, “Basketball On A Triangle: A Higher Level of Coaching and Playing”, will give you the edge that can take you to the top of your game.

Whether you’ve been coaching or playing for a while, or you’re just getting started, these BASKETBALL TIPS will give you the words and knowledge you need to explode your teaching or playing game.

“I know these things work because these are exercises and drills I have used successfully for more than forty years of coaching around the world. From over 50 years of playing and coaching, I’ve devised, borrowed, honed, and tweaked the things I teach so you can become a stronger teacher or player of the game.

Directly from my 300 page book and my 4-hour basketball teaching DVD, you’ll get powerfully detailed tips like these:”

Practice Tips: Skills To Cover Prior To First Game: Fundamentals;

Individual Offense; Individual Defense; Team Skills

Practice Rules: Other Recommendations

Rules To Learn and Know: Offensive Rules; Defensive Rules

Tips For Getting Started: For new coaches and players

Moving Without The Ball: “Homework Tips”

Position Specific Tips: Post/Inside Play; Wing/Perimeter Play; Guard/

Perimeter Play; Perimeter Position Hints; Inside Position Hints and much more…

Tips For Teaching Balance and Control/ Passing Tips

Dribbling Tips/ Shooting Tips/ Rebounding Tips

Tips For Teaching Individual Moves With The Ball

Tips For Teaching Individual Defense

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