Youth Basketball: Motion Offense for 6th Graders

My colleague, Josh Stinson (Perfect Practice and Hoop Clinics), has graciously loaned us the use of the following article.

Since I primarily concern myself with youth basics, often times there is a need for a little more offensive sophistication for the coach and players who have the skills to handle it. So, this month I bring you a topic, often requested and close to my heart– an offense for sixth graders (and 7th or 8th graders). I began using this offense in the 1970’s at the high school level and then using it as a basic starting point, added more options when taking it to the international men’s and women’s games. It works well at it’s most basic (where a coach should really begin when teaching it) and then when both coach and players are ready, it can easily be built upon.

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Station Drills

By Coach Ronn Wyckoff

When Time Spent For Skill Drills Is Limited…
When You Don’t Know How You Are Going To Cover
Every Individual Skill That Needs Practice Time…
Your Solution Could Be To Use Station Drills

It worked for me in 1973 and has been part of my daily routine ever since.

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