Coach Ronn's Coaching Philosophy


Whenever I teach coaches or am speaking with a group of players, the first topic I will cover is philosophy.  I want everyone thinking that attitude, focus, communication and discipline determine so much of a team's success.  Without these things, how can there be a coaching philosophy that will hold up to the test of having players who play at their best level, the team playing at its best together, or enjoying the best season you can have?

My Philosophy On Conducting My Life: The right thing to do is to do the right thing.

My Philosophy On Playing The game: The will to win is not nearly as important as the will to prepare to win. Winning doesn't just happen. You must set goals. You must prepare. You must be in condition and be
disciplined. You must be fundamentally sound and you must play good defense. With these things in place, only then will you be able to perform at your peak. That takes the right attitude and a determined focus. (Focus keeps you on the line and your goal in sight. Attitude determines your speed along the line in reaching your goal.)

You win, regardless of the score, when you play at your peak and execute those things well which you have been taught to do. No more can be asked than that you give your best in both practices and games. If the other team scores more points, and you have given your best, you have not lost. You have no control over how good or how well prepared the other players and teams are. You do have control over how you play and how well you prepare to play. It is a great test of character to have given your best effort and have lost the game.

EXPECTATIONS (From me...From you...)

•   I will give 100% of my teaching talents to you. In return, I expect 100% of your effort to learn what I am attempting to teach, and that you give your best at all times.

•   As I am a role model, so are you. Your teammates, your schoolmates, your friends, family and community look at you as representing my coaching, representing your team, your school, friends, family and community. Take responsibility for being the best role model you can be; that you will be admired as a varsity team player.

•   Take responsibility for being the best player you can be. Do not do yourself the disfavor of judging yourself against others. All players are not equal and each has his/her own growth curve in basketball, as in anything else. Attitude is the "mother" of skill. Judge if you are giving your fullest with the skills you have today. And ask yourself today if you are improved over yesterday. Ask that honestly of yourself every day. Ask that of your life. Are you growing, not only in the game but as a person as well?

•   I expect you to take responsibility for your actions and your attitudes. Your circumstances do not create your state of mind; rather, your state of mind creates your circumstances. You make choices. You get results. If the results are not acceptable to you, examine and change your choices.

•    It is my responsibility to teach you the kind of game I expect you to play. What I teach works. It is proven. We will not spend time and energy on things that do not work for us. Understand and believe in this and in doing so, then, please don't question what the coaches are having you do when a new skill is given. Asking HOW is a good question. We want you to understand and to learn. Asking WHY during practice gets everyone out of focus and undermines discipline. If you must know why, ask after practice.

•     I expect you to embrace the continuous pressure, "wall-to-wall", type of game I teach. You will be in excellent condition—better than your opponents. You will execute good fundamentals. You will play good, aggressive defense. You will play as a unit and you will always play with discipline and under control—in practice and in games.

•    You will be among the 10-12 best players in your school, and I expect you to humbly accept  that honor and responsibility.