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Basketball Glossary: A Comprehensive List of Common Basketball Terms

Air ball – is a shot that completely misses the rim and the backboard, and instead goes straight through the air. This can happen for a variety of reasons, such as a miscalculation in the shooter’s aim or an unexpected obstacle like a defender’s block. When an air ball is made, possession of the ball is typically awarded to the opposing team.

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Passing Tips


One bad pass can lead to another. Bad passing is contagious. You need to take pride in your passing game. Whenever a player receives a bad pass, he or she should make sure that they regain their balance and composure before throwing another pass. Make sure your pass is a good one, and it may lead to a basket. A good pass is just as important as the basket.

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Offensive Rules

by Coach Ronn Wyckoff, Author/Producer

Basketball On A Triangle

Every basketball player needs and deserves a teaching-coach in the early years. Each skill needs to be broken down into building blocks, where the level of difficulty can be raised as the individual grasps and possesses the skill before moving on.

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Youth Basketball: Teaching Offense To 9/10 Year-Olds

I am often asked about how to teach offense to 9 and 10 year-olds.  Those asking usually fall into two categories: 1) Those in rec programs and 2) Those in competitive programs.

While the former would like to win, it isn’t their overriding motivation.  They really want to know how to teach offensive skills and what kind of an offense would be appropriate for that age group.

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