NBSA In Oregon


A couple of months ago, I was looking for a place to shoot in free throw competition in my state.  Living now in Oregon, I thought I would find some age group competition like I shot in when I lived in Florida.  Nope – none!  No senior games.  No basketball competition at all in the State Games of Oregon.  Short of creating my own tournament, so I could have a place to compete, I had to look farther afield.

I found that Washington state has a Senior Games and allows Oregon residents to enter, due to there not being a Senior Games in Oregon.  That solved one problem, but I still thought something should be available in my state.

I contacted the Oregon Amateur Sports Foundation, after doing a Google search for competition in Oregon.  I learned there is a State Games of Oregon but that there is no basketball competition of any kind. While the Games are like a mini-Olympics and have a wide variety of sports competitions taking place every year, basketball has been on the wane.

Usually, each of the 31 states involved in State Games competitions offers five-on-five team play but no free throw competition. Only team winners in each age bracket get to advance to the National State Games. While most states are qualifying teams into the National Games in San Diego in 2011, Oregon did not have any basketball offering and would not be advancing any basketball entries to San Diego.

Now, enter NBSA, the National Basketball Shooters Association, which has volunteered to run a free throw competition as part of the State Games of Oregon and offer a way to get basketball back into popularity in Oregon.  

NBSA (http://www.nbsafreethrows.org/) is all about free throws. Made up of many free throw masters (who shoot over 95% in competition) and most of the current Guinness Record Book record holders in a variety of free throw events, it is NBSA’s goal to bring the importance of good free throw shooting to national attention.

As national secretary of NBSA, and newly appointed basketball commissioner for the State of Oregon Games, I believe that partnering with the State Games of Oregon is the first of what NBSA hopes will start a nation-wide trend toward awareness of the woeful free throw shooting that is pandemic across all levels of basketball.

For this all-day free throw event in Oregon, I have planned a mini-clinic in free throw shooting technique for kids in the morning, followed by youth age group competitions.  Local celebrities, including former and current  Portland Trailblazers have been invited to participate in awards ceremonies and sign autographs.   After the youth are done, it is planned that some NBSA world-record holders will put on a shooting exhibition, with attempts at several Guinness World Records. Following this, the older competitors will shoot in their age groups for the rest of the day.  As a culminating event, all the age group winners, male or female, who shot over 92% in their respective competitions, will be placed into a draw sheet and be eligible to compete in a head-to-head Open Competition.

Now that I have “created” an event, which I plan to also compete in, in my age group, I am happy that there is an event for me in my state.  I did, however, have to put myself out there, just to be able to shoot.

So, if you happen to live in Oregon, why not come to Beaverton on July 10 and participate, or, if you live in another state that doesn’t have free throw competition, and you’d like to see it be organized, just contact me by going to http://www.nbsafreethrows.org/contact .