Basketball Coaching: A Coaching Gift For You


A Gift For You All--Coaches, Parents, Players

December, 2006

from Coach Ronn Wyckoff, Author/Producer

Basketball On A Triangle

Hello again and Happy Holidays!

I wish you all a wonderful holiday season, and most of all, I wish peace and joy all around the world.

How can we ever "fix" what is wrong in the world if we don't first "fix" the way we think, react and choose to act?

Life is not about what is being done to us. Rather, it is about the choices we make which attract universal energy which in turn gives us results based upon what we have chosen. Think about it! Life is made up of choices--thousands of them every day--big and small. Each choice brings with it a result. Those are the things which happen for us and to us. We have brought them to ourselves, not that someone else has made a thing happen to us. "Right" thinking produces better choices, which draw results to us that we can be happier with.

Peace and joy around the world are choices; mere thoughts away from a peaceful and joyous result! Please join with me in co-creating these results--the best gift we could give ourselves--the gift of love to our planet!

AND, now I have a gift for you all.

There are numerous forums on basketball, several of which I belong to--sometimes eavesdropping, sometimes posting to.

I concern myself these days with things away from the team game. I spend my time now dealing with the proper (and early) teaching of basketball fundamentals, defense and discipline. There are plenty of places to get as much team oriented offense, defense, and special situation information as you can handle. To me, none of this is of much value if the individual players are not fundamentally well taught. (What good is a passing game offense if the players can't pass well, execute good cuts and screens and movement without the ball?)

Actually, I am going to point you toward one of my favorite basketball forums where you can get information on a wide-variety of topics. The posts deal with individual fundamentals and the team game, but also get into subjects such as dealing with parents, with egocentric players, with club or school administrators, with discipline issues, and much more. I don't always agree with individual postings, however the beauty of the forum is that eventually wiser, cooler or more experienced coaches will post to give real value to the lessons being sought and learned.

This forum is for:

Try it, and perhaps you'll find a tidbit of coaching information which will help answer a need for you. Here's the link:

And, if you're looking for that coaching gift that can keep on giving, year after year, like it did for Brandon in N. Carolina, perhaps my 2-disc, 4-hour coaching workshop DVD is just the ticket: Basketball On A Triangle.

{I really love this video! Very comprehensive and detailed for any level coach! I have taken many things of the teaching and have already implemented into my philosophy to make our TEAM that much stronger! -Coach Fain: Union Pines High School, Cameron,North Carolina}

The DVD was designed for every level of coach or player. You should find the last 2 chapters on teaching defense and individual position skills alone to be worth the price.

Visit the website, Basketball On A Triangle , for all the information and to purchase NOW!

Have a wonderful holiday season. Deep Peace!

Yours in Sport and Spirit,
Coach Ronn