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 Basketball On A Triangle: 
A Higher Level of Coaching and Playing

DVD (Coach: I watched the first quarter of your DVD.  I like your style . . . you're smooooooooooth!    Already I've picked up some new pointers, and it's been a good refresher as well.  I've stored quite a few of your lines into my memory banks.  I also learned why I was always able to post up on the left short corner with great success while not being able to replicate the relative scoring ease on the opposite side.  You enlightened me with your reference to the crossing lane shot with the shooting shoulder on the inside being a much quicker shot....   Looking forward to the rest, Yash)
Basketball On A Triangle:
A Higher Level of Coaching and Playing (2-Discs, 4 hours + 2 Free e-Books)
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How I Shoot Over 96% Free Throws 

Basketball On A Triangle: A Higher level of Coaching and Playing
Top Basketball Coaching Tips
The Zen of Basketball Coaching: Living A 3-Point Life

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